Armed Forces In The Skies

Armed Forces In The Skies Even though the skies are beyond his limits man has taken all measures in order to provide ample exploration and security within this area. This is the reason why armed forces from different countries also make some strides in giving equal attention to their atmospheric territories as to those found on land masses and sea areas. For years now the British forces have been guarding every corner of the horizon. Let’s investigate.

Royal Air Force of Oman BAC One-Eleven on disp...
Royal Air Force of Oman BAC One-Eleven on display at RAF Fairford, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The RAF or the Royal Air Force is the version of the United Kingdom’s aerial safety and security troops and is recognized as the world’s oldest independent air force. It was actually formed on the 1st of April 1918 and since then the RAF has been making a considerable contribution to the welfare of British military particularly during its exploits in the second World War. It is also consistently active in giving assistance to various current conflicts.

As of the 31st of March 2008, the RAF has been approximately operating at around 1,100 aircraft with an estimated trained strength of 41,440 regular personnel. A large percentage of the manpower and aircraft facilities under the RAF are within UK territories. There are others serving principal operations in several regions and countries such as the Middle East, the Balkans, and Afghanistan. There are also accounted and established bases that operate in areas of Canada, Gibraltar, Germany, Ascension Island, the Falkland Islands, and Diego Garcia.

The mission of the RAF revolves around the support that has to be given to the objectives of the British Ministry of Defense which include provision of the capabilities needed in order to ensure the security and defense of the United Kingdom and its overseas territories particularly against acts of terrorism and support of the government’s foreign policy objectives directed at the promotion of international peace and prosperity. The mission statement of the RAF revolves around issues of agility, adaptability, capability, and global competence en route to a consistency of contribution to the cause of the UK Defense mission.

The RAF’s definition of air power serves as its guide in coming up with strategic planning and execution. Air Power according to RAF’s term can be defined as the ability to project military force in air or space by or from a platform or missile operating above the surface of the earth. Air platform here pertains to vehicles like helicopters, unmanned aerial vessels, and aircraft. Even though the RAF is regarded as the principal service responsible for British’s aerial efforts and activities, the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy and Army Air Corps of the British Army can also take care of conflicts and affairs within the skies via proper coordination with maritime and land areas.

The RAF gets professional leadership from the Chief of the Air Staff or CAS along with a deputy known as the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff. The CAS overlooks all the affairs of the Air Force Board which is regarded as a committee of the Defense Council. The Air Force Board is the management body of the RAF and is composed of the Commander-in-Chief of Air Command along with a bunch of high ranking officials.

All elements that comprise the territorial boundaries of a country are of equal importance. It is very significant that the armed forces are able to maintain balance, safety, and harmony within these areas.


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